Save Dogs from a Cruel Death

As you read this, there are dogs in Asia being tortured then slaughtered for their meat. Soi Dog urgently needs money to rescue them, repair their broken bodies, and help find them loving homes. Please donate a few dollars a month to help them.

Some dogs, like Topaz (pictured above), are pets stolen from private homes. Others have been rounded up from the streets for illegal transfer to Vietnam and China for butchering.

The dogs are packed cruelly into overcrowded cages, often injured and in excruciating pain. They are transported for days without food or water, often dying from the heat. Those who survive are inhumanely slaughtered, often skinned or boiled alive in the mistaken belief that this enhances the flavour of the meat.

Will you please help rescue these dogs?

Fill out the form now, and save dogs from the barbaric dog meat trade.

Just a few dollars a week from you will go a long way in Thailand, where Soi Dog is based. By working with local authorities, and with the help of kind supporters from all over the world, Soi Dog has made important breakthroughs.

The dog meat trade is now illegal here and tens of thousands of dogs have been rescued, and given veterinary care and shelter. But there is so much more to be done, and we need more caring supporters to help do it. Will you be one of them please? Fill out the donation form now to save dogs from terrible cruelty.


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